Reading and writing are the essential tools that underpin the entire curriculum. We fully understand, as teachers and parents, their importance in school and beyond.

The formation of Lex Education enables us to take our enthusiasm for literacy to a wider audience – to parents, children and schools. Using our knowledge, our prime motivation is to help children towards a first class education.


We are experienced and friendly teachers based in Surrey. We realise, as parents, that a bit of help at the right time can make all the difference. Whether your child needs a little support to prepare for exams for senior schools or general help with English, we aim to improve literacy skills and boost confidence through positive encouragement. We will liaise closely with you and clearly outline, through oral and written feedbacks, your childs strengths and targets. As teachers, we have a thorough understanding of the expectations of local schools and can provide excellent references.

Courses and tuition to:

  • revise key literacy skills
  • prepare for exams at 11+, 12+, 13+/C.E. and Scholarship
  • improve confidence in reading and writing

Choosing a School
Uncertain about the next stage? New to the country or area?
Let us assist you.

  • First hand knowledge, as parents and teachers, of local schools
  • Personal service understanding you and your child’s needs

Exchanging news and views
Opportunities for HOD’s to meet to:

  • Share resources
  • Exchange views
  • Attend meetings with a purpose

We have the time, understanding and experience to help you.

  • Custom made assessments and tests with rubrics
  • Comprehensive marking service
  • Custom made resources

Practical and understanding support:

  • A range of children’s workshops to encourage enjoyment and support literacy
  • Staff insets to promote and support the teaching of English

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